Located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing, Tsinghua University was established in 1911 on the site of “Qing Hua Yuan (Tsinghua Garden)” —a former royal garden of the Qing Dynasty. Partly funded by the “Gengzi Indemnity”, also known as “Boxer Indemnity,” it functioned at first as a preparatory school called “Tsinghua Xuetang (Tsing Hua Imperial College)” for those students who were sent by the government to study in the United States.

베이징의 북서쪽 교외에 위치한 칭화 대학은 1911 년 청 왕조의 왕실 정원이었던 “청화 원 (청화원)”이라는 부지에 설립되었습니다. “Berner Indemnity”이라고도 알려진 “Gengzi Indemnity”에 의해 부분적으로 재정 지원을받은이 학교는 정부가 유학하기 위해 보낸 “청화 Xuetang (Tsing Hua Imperial College)”예비 학교로 처음으로 기능했습니다.