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Globalization is greatly stressed in today’s educational environment; however, is globalization limited merely to learning English?

I believe that true globalization requires not only English fluency but also interpersonal values that transcend borders. Developing communication skills to understand the perspectives of others is crucial to becoming a global citizen.

At WICS, we provide an education rooted in biblical values. Our aim is to teach students the true purpose of God’s creation, nurture their spiritual gifts, and instill unchanging truths as they pursue their visions.

Through offering an education in intellect, character, and faith, we seek to nurture Christian leaders of the next generation who are filled with God’s love and justice. We are confident that we can work with students to help them take active roles in today’s international stage.

Headmaster Dong-yeol Kwak

Admission Process

Step 1

  • Application Period
    ㅇ Rolling admission

Step 2

  • Required Documents for Acceptance
    ㅇ WICS Application Packet (found on the WICS website under Community -> Download)
    ㅇ Copy of passport and residence card, if applicable (student’s and guardians’)
    ㅇ Copy of immunization record
    ㅇ School records or recent report card
    ㅇ Copy of private insurance (if your child is insured)
    ㅇ Copy of your child’s Japanese health card (kenko hoken sho)
    ㅇ Residence certificate (jumin hyo)

Step 3

  • Admission Testing
    ㅇ Test (English, math)
    ㅇ Interview

Step 4

  • Admission Decision
    ㅇ Admission decisions will be announced within 10 days.
    (Decisions are as follows: Acceptance, Require Further Testing, Waitlist, Denial)
    ㅇ Tuition payment:
    ㅇ Tuition must be paid within one week after admission is confirmed.

Step 5

  • School Start
    ㅇ Welcome to WICS!


Academic credits will be given when a student passes one year of class work in a particular subject. Generally, number of credits given for a class will align with the number of times the class meets per week. For example, classes that meet two times per week will typically be worth two credits.

High school students must receive the following credits during their four years in order to graduate:

Tuition & Fees

ㅇ The admission fee must be paid only the first year. One year’s worth of tuition is also required upon admission.
ㅇ A student is exempt from the admission fee for our secondary school if entering from our elementary school.
ㅇ Student insurance payments and the facilities and maintenance fee must be paid at the beginning of each year.
ㅇ A portion of each tuition payment is set aside to allow students to travel nationally and internationally. Students attending WICS for all twelve years will be able to take part in at least four school trips. Additional travel fees may be required depending on the situation.
ㅇ Fees for textbooks, school uniform, robotics, golf class, etc., must be paid separately.



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